Monday, September 14, 2009

Maybe Someday and Its Just Me

Even though I have heard them all well more than a million times, most likely. Every once in a while on a particular day, one song will make me take notice again. I can't really pinpoint any reason it happens, it just does. Today, Maybe Someday... and a lovely acoustic performance of Its Just Me from Destination Anywhere, plus a fabulous life performance.

It is official!!!

The new track list is finally blessed by Obie!

Hi Obie!

When are you going to publish Circle setlist and more info?
Asked by andro10 on September 14, 2009 at 10:58am
OK, here goes........
We Weren't Born To follow
When We Were Beautiful
Work For The Working Man
Superman Tonight
Thorn In My Side
Live Before You Die
Love's the Only Rule
Fast Cars
Happy Now
Learn To Love
Answered by Obie on September 14, 2009 at 11:44am

Back in the swing of things

Like many of you, I am a Jovi freak, but also a mom and have even put a few hours into that thing called work. It was a crazy summer and just now I am finally seeing that a routine may be possible once again. Isn't it wonderful how school organizing our lives. At least for me. And in that routine I am scheduling regular time to get back to writing our current Fan Fiction, Pictures and Prose. I tried my own personal blog last year, but failed miserably. Family and friends often commented that there was no update. Well, I gave up. Maybe someday I will get back to blogging. But for now I am kind of stuck in Jovi world. I am impatiently awaiting the new album, the Circle, scheduled for release here in the US on Nov. 10th. Can you say F O R E V E R? That seems like how long it is taking for that date to get here. We got a new song a few weeks ago. And I love it. But I want more! So in the mean time, I am getting my fix by writing once again.

A friend pointed out a new fan fic to me: Stick to Your Guns. Good stuff, check it out if you haven't already. It certainly got my juices flowing and got the writing bug to, well, bug me again.

So that is about it for my mindless rambling today. Here is a link to some new Jon and Dot pictures for your viewing pleasure. All I can say Holy Arms, Batman!!