Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jon Bon Jovi and Friends

My friend and I were the lucky attendees of a very special private show put on by Jon Bon Jovi and Friends for his fan club. Now being long time fans, as in back to day ONE, it has always been a dream of ours to see Bon Jovi in New Jersey. The Holy Land, as it is known to die hard Jovi fans. When it was announced on the fan club board that Jon was indeed going to put on a private fan club only show in the coming year, well, let me just say we were slightly excited. Little did we know how special of an event it would be.

We waited impatiently for tickets to go on sale. Then waited impatiently for venue information. Finally we found out all the important information, booked our trip and we were ready! Making sure the camera batteries were charged, along with the Jovi pods, and the fun could begin. We were held back just a tad by the fact that Paige was almost 8 months pregnant. But did that stop us? NO! She flew to me on Friday before the concert, I picked her up and we headed to Jersey in the Jovimoble (aka Rav4). Ms. Garmin did not lead us astray, depositing us safely at the lobby of our hotel.

But. Let me just tell you, Jersey is not a place for the faint of heart. Oh no. The roads are a bit challenging on a good day. The state of no left turns and full service service stations was an adventure to be sure. But we braved our obsicales and trudged forward with our plans.

Saturday we were up at a decent hour, not rushed, but with plenty of time to spare. We headed out on a tour of Jovi sights that are a must see for any serious Jovi fan. Ok, mostly they are JON Bon Jovi sights, I will admit. But hey, we are Jon girls, after all.

The first stop was Jon's childhood home in Sayreville, NJ. A modest looking home on a quiet street. We did a quick drive by picture op, not wanting to disturb the current owners. I must wonder, though, if they sat near their front window watching the increase in traffic as numerous Jovi fans also took the same tour.

Next on the tour was the Sayreville War Memorial High School where Jon spent his high school days. I am betting he wasn't the best student, possible jotting down lyrics in the middle of math class perhaps?

The next stop was the pizza place where the famous Pizza Parlor Jury took place. Jon and Richie were rumored to see what the local kids though of new songs at the pizza place. I wonder if they say an increase in business that weekend.

On to Jon's estate in Red Bank we went. Not wanting to be labeled as stalkers, but wanting to see where Jon lived we drove by a few times, finally nailing down the exact house. We decided to find a place across the river as the place for our photo session, managing some nice shots with the trees bare for the winter.

We were then back on the road on our way to the famous Asbury Park where Jon and Bon Jovi played the music circuit at Fast Lanes and the Stone Pony. The Stone Pony is still a hopping destination where some of the hostest local bands can be seen to this day.

Another popular place for Jon to play "back in the day" was Fast Lanes. It is now closed for business, and as you can see, hasn't faired as well as the Stone Pony.

We then took a short walk around Asbury Park, the boardwalk, the old casino. It is an area that has much character, but it is evident that the place has fallen on harder times.

Our stomachs rumbling, we headed back north to find a place for a late lunch, to meet up with some other Jovi friends and finally back to our hotel. Stay tuned for day 2 of our Jovi adventures in Jersey.

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